Sharol  Chandler, artist

working on Mountains and Valleys



Working on Library mural

Working on Lotus mural

Artist Statement 

 The landscapes of my recent works are representations of scenes of the West... Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona.  When I’m traveling, I’m always on the lookout for some interesting play of the light on the scenery. While in most cases the place is readily identifiable by anyone familiar with that area, I do not try to make an exact copy with each rock and tree in place. Instead, I work to capture the way the light is affecting the view.


 Light is what inspires me. I love to study the way light shows itself in the natural world. The colors, shadows, reflections, atmosphere, and constant shifting are endlessly fascinating to me. I am also captivated by the allegorical quality of light. The feelings that all of these attributes of light can evoke are what I bring to my art.



Galleries in Oregon, Idaho and Washington have displayed my paintings, including the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. My paintings are collected nationally.




Paintings currently on display at a gallery may be purchased through that gallery and a link has been provided. Paintings that are not currently in galleries may also be purchased. In order to do so use my Contact page and  arrangements will be made.

Commissions are always welcomed